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I am a strategist, experienced innovation leader and solutions-oriented, seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience in the IT domain, within global organisations such as Microsoft, IBM and FIAT. I have co-founded the company ValuesBox, where we define the mission to make the world a better place for us all, and work with a community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and institutions and act as a catalyst for co-innovation. I bring expertise and unique insights in strategising and leading digital transformation and change management projects in this ever-faster changing world.

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I can say as an experienced angel investor, the proven magical founder formula for a tech startup always consists of at least two people like Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates & Paul Allen. One of them is a business strategist with a massive transformative purpose to change the world. On the other side; the other one is a tech guru, who can convert the idea to a tangible solution.
This thing is also one of the key points all of the investors would like to see in a tech startup with the potential to grow exponentially.
And, you will need some other skills soon to grow your business exponentially.

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