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Ethical and Social Business specialist and serial Entrepreneur. Consultant at Greenblut.
Christoph helps your Social Business get profitable fast.
If you want to create new ways of doing business and provide opportunities for people who live in the developing world, you have to make sure that your business is profitable.
Greenblut is a marketing consulting firm focused on providing growth strategies to Ethical and Social businesses.

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Hello Mary
I was wondering about 2 terms you were using in your description.
1. fashion product
2. hipsters
I think your product is not a fashion product, neither you should market it to the so called "hipster"consumer group.
Why ?
Hipster- your website and product does not speak to a nerdy early adaptor in Brooklyn or Berlin.
Fashion- Fashion products are here today and gone tomorrow.

Your product and you major argument is about elegance functionality + heritage.

I guess you should compete with cashmere which is a key product in the luxury market. (Is your product really Better than cashmere ? ...)
You market your product as female and elegant which is more related to a female shopper scanning the websites of luxury brands.

Think about the following:
Research cashmere shawls at luxury web shops, check wording + price levels, brands (I think you product is to cheap)
Try to get into your consumers mind and understand her motivation.

Think about where your typical consumer could find your product and how you could get credibility to compete against luxury brands.(Think about magazines, fashion bloggers)

Design your Purchase funnel (check wikipedia)

Learn about fashion+luxury
there is a free course on Coursera about managing fashion and luxury companies

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If you have more detailed questions of course you can book a call.
Best regards Christoph

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