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Do you have a relationship? Got problems that does not seem right? Allow me to advise you to the best of my ability to solve the problem. Whenever I am talking about relationships with a friend or a bystander... They tend to talk to me about their relationship problems and when I give them my advice, it helps them out 97% of the time...

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Upon reading the situation... it seems like you have an income problem. Try transitioning the business online, that way you will be able to have clientele from the different states and so on... Next would be to see if you can negotiate for a lower APR but, I read that you already have EMI... Therefore you must already be in that kind of program. Check it out anyways... Another thing that could be done is to reduce unnecessary cost... You right now do not have the luxury to spend as you please; so identify where you are. Lastly, BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET...

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