(Co-owner of Curtis and Sons), My grandfathers company that I've grown to watch grow. My grandfather always gave me great advice and because of that I strive to help others with their education( I Tutored as a student teacher in elementary and high school.) I've also (counselled at the school) I counsel inside and of course (outside of school) there are various situations and thing people just need to get off their chest. I'm great at career advice especially (sales and advertising).and last but not least i'm an amazing coach!

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I would most recommend for you to apply for some grants !

The best way you can help your daughter with her self confidence issues is to teach her and show her how to love herself even if you have to be her guide. I would first start by just acting normal, casually ask them what makes them feel bad about themselves help yourself understand. With most teenage girls boys and friends have a very big hold on there life and they may want to fit in. Help them change there style if they want teach them the works of makeup help them boost there confidence and most importantly keep her busy ! Never let your child stay in bed for to long especially with self esteem issues it can and will lead to depression.

Now there are many different ways to handle a restless teenager. First you have to ask yourself how that teenager whom ever it may be is treated on a regular. For ins-tense as a parent do you give your teenager a-lot of attention or do you barley give him/she attention. If its the (a-lot) option I would ease up and seem less controlling or worried let them feel like they can breathe and if you chose the (barley) then do the opposite shower them with affection just not to much.

If you don’t mind trying to schedule a meeting with me I could give you some great advice !

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