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I like to take things apart and put them back together, all whilst having fun doing it.

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The way we usually do it it: Objective A,B,C. Action A, Result A, Action B, Result B.
You want to make sure you're clear about your objectives and the client knows what success will look like weeks/months from now.
Simple Headers and bullet-points are enough. This is a good example of really simple and useful document -

Also, don't forget about some conclusions, where you basically just wrap up everything, in case the client isn't patient enough to read the whole document.
Good luck!

There's a high chance you'll get duplicate data and think you're doing much better than you actually are.
Using both manual and auto tagging will result in your links appearing in both Advertising/AdWords and Traffic Sources/Sources/Campaigns (or whatever they're called now).
I usually stick with auto tagging only.
Good luck!

I've seen this before. Google Analytics is not perfect, may I recommend the likes of, and
The problem can arise when the parameters aren't able to pass through to the analytics solution - errors, cookies and such.
Are you experiencing large amounts of traffic that isn't correctly attributed or recorded?

If you can find a social superstar - knows inbound marketing, facebook, twitter, etc. - then I'd go with that person.
A growth hacker would typically know most of these, so they'd be your best best. can be a good place to start looking for people and twitter if you search for things like "growth hacking" and "inbound marketing"

Good luck!

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