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I have over 12 years experience working first hand on website projects and digital marketing campaigns. I am a managing partner of a London based Digital Agency of 25 people that specialises in Search Marketing (SEO, PPC & Inbound Marketing), Social Media, Website Design & Development & Software Development.

We work with opensource technology such as Wordpress & Magento as well as other Content Management systems and eCommerce platforms.

I have first hand experience in creating & marketing 60+ cost effective website solutions in a range of sectors:

- Charity
- Travel
- Finance/Loans Market
- Gaming/Gambling
- eCommerce
- Luxury/Fashion
- Startups

I would be delighted to help you in anyway I can whether that be a light introduction to the web or more advanced marketing techniques or technical implementations. No conversations are too big or small :-)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Recent Answers

Hi Alex,

Sorry to hear your client got hit. Unfortunately its impossible to diagnose without taking a deeper look at the site. However a few things to look for:

- Technical Onsite issues - is the site large? In which case it could be being dragged down by onsite issues.
- Advertising - Is the site heavy on advertising?
- "Bad" Links - as you have already mentioned this can be a factor
- You mention the payday update. Is your site in a niche with particularly spammy terms?

In what way was the site hit? Did you see a drop in rankings across the board? Did traffic drop off a cliff? Or was it a more gradual demise?

In some cases we have seen sites "hit by panda/penguin" actually lose visibility due to other sites that linking to them being devalued.

If you are able to share the domain I would be delighted to take a further look for you.

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