Cheryl J. MosesHelping CEO’s Increase Brand Visibility

Let’s create change on a global scale. As a Creative Design Expert & Brand Manager, my goal is to help my clients (Coaches, Consultants & CEO’s) connect the dots to generate more profit, influence, and exposure by looking like a million dollar brand, pushing them out of blending in and into a thriving in demand business that stands out.

Cheryl J. Moses is a Brand Strategist and Manager to ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to confidently scale up and build a profitable business using the web.

-I’ve been on the internet developing brands, websites, SEO and social media for 10 years

-I help corporations, CEOs, small businesses, authors, speakers or creatives co-create a digital strategy and brand that attracts, connects and converts.

I help clients around the world develop a full
branded website presence and strategy to attract ideal clients,
rise above their competitors, and reach their ideal market with their message.

Let me help you attract more clients and connect the dots so that you are fully in your power, in your industry.  

I can help with:
-Speaking or Training at your Event, Corporation or Organization.
-1:1 Coaching & Consulting (Systems, Sales Funnels, Online Marketing & Lead Generation)
-Positioning you for Social Transformation and Economic Growth
-Digital Product/Course Creation
-Management & Production
-Brand Identity, Strategy and Voice


Phone: 1-877-208-2178

🔸SKILLS: Web Design, Copywriting, Sales, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social & New Media Marketing, Joint Venture Collaboration, Brand Expansion.

Recent Answers

This is my sweet spot for sure. I started in real estate investing and moved into online marketing and passive income streams. I have a few ways of doing this. Let's talk more!

Get them to a free offer to build your list. Then market to that list by building a relationship and get them wanting more. All you need is some lead gen. and we can go from there.

50k is definitely achievable but I wouldn't expect it overnight. Most people are using their "sweet spot" and turning that into a coaching or consulting business. You can surely do this and charge clients upwards of $600-$1200 or more per month residual income on contract for a 6-12 month program. It all depends on you and what problem you can solve, Getting into a niche you don't know much about will take you some time to learn and then you'll have to figure out what you can solve for clients that the next person can't. You can always do some research on niches with low competition but I would suggest working with what you know first, to get money flowing in, and then learning something different later on if that's what you choose to do.

It really has to do with the kind of business you want to pursue. I've seen people start businesses wholesaling real estate with no cash or credit. But at some point, you'll need lead generation to really get going and a budget for marketing is a good idea, even if it's small. Free marketing can also be done but it takes longer unless you do joint ventures and that sort of thing.
I've tried all the programs out there when I first started in online business, but some money was needed for advertising and marketing.
You can definitely do something in business without experience. You'll learn along the way, make mistakes, and do better. Most of all, you can consider teaching others how to avoid the mistakes you made and what to do instead, via a program or product and make money that way as well. Learn. Apply. Teach,

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