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Conceiving, developing and executing the strategies and initiatives that drive revenues, growth, competitive market positioning, profits and shareholder value is what I do best! Throughout my career, in senior executive positions with the leaders in diverse industries, I have earned a track-record of success in managing complex business initiatives, and achieving exceptional rather than expected results – business initiatives and results like:
•Conceived an executed the strategy to spin-off a Health IT / Electronic Medical Records service offering into a stand-alone corporation – delivered more than the expected return over annual sales
•Developed a proven sales strategy and methodology for Global IT Solutions global workforce
•As CEO of Global IT Solutions, secured and managed competitively critical relations with global corporate clients – achieving 95% retention ratio among major players in manufacturing, financing, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries
•Built and marketed a Software-as-a-Services offering for key enterprises – grew sales from $150 thousand to $2 million within one year.
I have the distinction of being an individual who possesses the experience, capabilities and judgment for taking a business to its next level of success or resolving the deficiencies that impede its ability to grow and prosper. I have been characterized as a corporate strategy expert and am credited with personal contributions to top-line and bottom-line performance successes. I am a “doer” who is highly skilled in visualizing and executing a plan and doing whatever it takes to deliver. I am driven by challenge and undaunted by obstacles – and over the course of my career, I have fought and overcome virtually all types. I am accustomed to and effective in high-profile roles, making high-stakes decisions.

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If you want to increase your conversion rate offer a buy now option. Or there could be some holes in your value proposition/offer.

Use virtual office solution like www.Regus.com , use a local recruiting service or the best option is hire from a competitor.

Taxes and structure you need to consult a local resource or many countries have programs to help companies expand overseas. You may even have a local resource at one of your city chambers.

If you wantto make a mobile app stay far away from WordPress. Many of the plugins and tools will become an issue when WordPress does an update an kills everything.

Phonegap is OK but not optimal. I suggest you create a web app using the M.E.A.N. stack. If you don't have the tech talent or budget, you can submit your project to an organization like www.AlchemyLab.co and their students can develop it as part of their projects.

Just asking a question... If they have great content "value" for clients and product/service. Why are they not generating revenue?

Most VCs/Angels have a content creator or provider as part of their portfolio to help other investments.

If you are trying to filter out prospects from real leads, then create a new email address for those and when they are real opportunities, that is when you get engaged. Also get off Gmail and to at least some type of hosted exchange. This way you can create shared mailboxes.

Find a developer to join you team at an equity position. Many MVP apps can be developed in 2-3 months, sometimes in weeks. You may want to submit your project to an organization like www.AlchemyLab.co who has students complete real world development projects.

As an angle and VC, the #1 reason you invest in a company is generate a 3x+ return on at least 45% of the deals. The main reason to " Give back" to the ecosystem is for deal flow.

There are tons of great ideas out there the hardest part is finding a founder who understand s their limitations and is willing to adapt with added leadership the Angles & VC's need to bring in.

Once the startup takes funding the game changes and now they have a fiduciary responsibility. If founders don't understand this change, it will become very interesting.

Majority of adoption was from oversees. Also it was used in a few large companies. The major reason was due to cross-platform solution on all mobile OSies. Applies text platform did not work well with Blackberry/Android/Windows

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