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Engineering Manager at EasyPost. Previously Engineering Lead at Iterable; co-founder/CTO/advisor at ZippyApp; angel investor. Full-stack software ninja polyglot, programming since I was 11. Alumni of Yahoo! Sports, R&D, Intuit, UC Berkeley, etc. Multiple startup failures and many lessons learned.

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You already said it: "He isn't interested in salary as much as equity."

If this developer is any bit worth his salt, he is worth the equity. A smaller piece of a bigger pie is far more valuable than a big piece of a small (or worthless) pie.

Profit sharing is a red flag to me that just sounds "Cheap," unless you guys are making tons and tons of profit already.

I don't know where you're based, but In Silicon Valley, a good developer can easily fetch $300-500k (base + bonus + yearly equity). UC Berkeley's average starting salary for NCGs majoring in EECS or Computer Science is $108k.

Salary is something a good developer can easily get; why your startup (possibly unstable) rather than another more established company?

If as the other person said, he walks and you're company is crippled, give him equity.

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