Ssemakula JonnahJournalist,business Analyst, strategist.& marketer

Graduate in journalism and mas communication
5 years experience in public relations, research and analyst in business.

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Many people are looking at self employment over full time work, but as an experienced business consultant.We advise our clients to establish a strong foundation and business management policy and knowledge before making a permanent decision to self employment.
Being a full time worker means you have been having a little time to understand and organise your policies in the new job your willing to start unless otherwise if your employing qualified and experienced workers to help you in boosting sales and proper management in order to amplify business growth.
I'm available for more consultations on phone call and I will give you ideas and strategies to be laid down in order to start self employing yourself.

You will have to first establish the target audience for the business according to the medium of marketing on social media your aiming to use.
Strategically it would be of better effort to fast publish the exact type of business, nature of business and the goals of the business.
If the business is short term goal oriented or long term as well even the structure of engagement with your clients will matter.
The branding strategy is also another code of marketing that appeals and creates easy flow of whatever the product your marketing to the world.
You can achieve this through calculative awareness policy that I can teach you on a phone call. you can book me am available anytime.
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Hello.You can priotise on creating refferals for your product work who will contribute to marketting tour designing skills

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