Wayne SchergerExpert in franchising, CEO coaching/mentoring.

For over 30 years my passion has been helping people to breakthrough and take their businesses to another level - no matter how successful they already are.

GROWTH GURU to small and medium sized companies. For over 25 years, I have been coaching entrepreneur’s - guiding them through the process of hyper-growth.

As President of Protect Painters International, LLC, I took one of the most successful new business ventures of the last decade - to over $12 Million in annual revenues, in just 4 years.. My innovative business leadership helped enable the company to build a rock-solid foundation then grow at 100% year over year - each year, and through that hyper-growth phase, develop my trademark corporate identity.

Prior to growing Protect Painters International, LLC/Protect Painters Development, LLC I was a driving force behind building two major companies- College Pro Painters (the largest student residential house painting business in the world), CertaPro Painters (the largest residential painting business in the world), as well as Colorworks (a mobile scratch/dent repair franchise system). I am also involved in a Master Franchise group that has development rights to Subway in Singapore/Malaysia.

Overall, I have accumulated 30 years of real life experience since starting my first real company at 22. I have a unique understanding of growing companies, having led business areas from Operations, Marketing, Administration and Recruitment/Training to Strategic Alliances, Sales and Call Centers.
I am a guest lecturer for small businesses across the USA and Canada. Attending my popular presentation, “Standards and Rituals” is a terrific first step to learn about setting goals and directing others. My ”Coach’s Corner” video’s on youtube.com give tips to small business owners and I host a regular podcast “Coach’s Chalk Talk” on www.blogtalkradio.com where I interview successful business leaders.

Building a successful brand and hyper-growth business isn't about personality or luck. It's about having the right systems and rituals. I can give you the framework and proven solutions that will accelerate your revenue, build your profitability, and help you avoid costly problems. It really is like having a part-time CEO on staff!

Entrepreneurial Mentor/Speaker
November 2012 – Present (1 year 6 months)
I work with & speak to Entrepreneurs, to help them find and develop the systems they need to make their visions a reality.

Speaking Topics
#1: Standards and Rituals.
Develop Standards and Rituals that will help you succeed

#2: Selection & Interviewing
Do you have a formal Interview & Selection Process in place to hire the right employee? Learn about the key preferences and abilities and how to ask the necessary questions to test these preferences and make the right hiring decisions.

#3: Transition Curve: Emotional Intricacies of Entrepreneurs
Learn how to leverage the emotions you’ll have at all stages of a company. This concept has been taught to the hundreds of entrepreneurs Wayne has mentored in the past 25 years.

Protect Painters International, LLC
January 2009 – June 2010 (1 year 6 months)
Led all aspects of Protect Painters Internationals Operations – including: Corporate Operations, Field Operations, Marketing, National Account Sales, PR, Franchise Sales, Franchisee Training, Product Selection &. Over 45 Franchise Partners system-wide. Oversaw revenue growth from $2 million system-wide in 2009 to $12 million in 2010 and a current trend of $20 million in 2016.

Protect Painters Franchise Development, LLC
January 1994 – January 2009 (15 year 0 months)
Led all aspects of Protect Painters Franchise Development Operations – including: Corporate Operations, Field Operations, Marketing, National Account Sales, Franchisee

Recent Answers

Like one of the other people mentioned - have you worked on a "proof of concept" - that this is actually a viable concept. The amount of upfront work when developing a franchise systems can be quite substantial - as well as costly. That does not mean you shouldn't research it.

I am not an expert on your particular category (recording studio/music) - but I have franchised two (2) of my own businesses - and many others through my coaching services - so I know what systems you need to have in place for franchise recruiting/development/training/support/marketing etc..

I am not sure of your location - and how far along in your "vision" of franchising. If you could provide more details - I can offer more suggestions specific to your needs.

First, congratulations on developing your business to the current size - you should be proud of your accomplishment(s).

I have a # of questions for you before I provide my input.

- how long have you been operating?
- to get to 6 units - how long between expansion - opening new units?
- is the profit margin consistent between the 6 units?
- what did you use for your site selection?
- do you have solid systems/processes in place (sales/marketing/operations/recruitment/training/support/accounting)?

Service concepts are the most easy to franchise. Even if you are not the first to market with your concept - you can still create a successful company. I have founded 2 different franchise systems - and helped other clients launch their franchise models. I have been a franchisee, Master Franchise, Area Developer and Franchisor (35 years in franchising).

To be successful - you need to have solid "systems/processes". You cannot be fixing the airplane while you are flying it. Before going down the road of franchising - have you run the #'s (growth plans) - as to where you feel you can be in 3/5/7 years? Have you considered how you will bring on new prospective franchisees (broker vs non-broker).

Have you registered your mark? Have you thought of developing your Operations manuals - and what the training program would look like>

Are you prepared to become and "Administration" business? Once you start adding units - you will start to distance yourself from the core business?

Have you developed the "Vivid Vision" - what does your current (non-franchised) business look like in 3 years? Adding more units? Have you done a SWOT Analysis - looking at areas to capitalize on, shore up, invest in and how to handle threats to your brand?

Feel free to reach out to me - I would enjoy speaking to you about your concept and answer any follow-up questions you may have. Business # is 770.448.1616 or visit my website at: www.nextstepssystems.com

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