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Spanish & English. I help you with your strategy, or with CTA (call to action) you are working on.
Topics: corporate communications, branding, marketing, digital transformation, branding, social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, website.
I have a degree in Corporate communications and 15+ experience with startups and multinational companies.

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Lead generation and ppc strategies should work, even for a B2B. You have people in Business, and they are decision makers, so they still use devices as people. It’s a matter of identifying the correct people.
On the other vertical I would concentrate in other tools, specially designed for business (depending on geographic area and industry).
I could guide you for your specific needs through a call.

No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. I DO believe it’s a great niche you are referring to, but I would go with other type of solution / product. The options you mention have too many huge competitors and I don’t think they would have a differentiation value.
I would be super glad to discuss it with a phone call. I am sure I can guide you (in whatever language you prefer: English or Spanish). Best!

celreating custom and lookalike audiences.
Using tracking methods
Maintain 1 constant campaign and others specific (such as leadgen, depending on the business you want to market).
I hope I can guide you with more specific details through a call! :-) Ana

Hi! I've been looking after my kids since they were born, and have been working in my own company since that time. It's so great that you feel so positive amazed about your son and so engaged with your new company, there are both such a high-minded state. I think it's very important to have in mind that in most cases, the important thing is not the amount of time spent (your son or your company) , but the quality of time. Many times, time management and planning is the solution to those fears. Also, enjoy every single moment is directly related to the life balance needed to succeed both as a parent and as a businessman / woman. Please don't hesitate to express yourself or ask for help in planning or advise! Best! Ana

Hi there! In my experience, the conversion rate is not a direct result from the quality of the video, but from the target you are pursuing. Some targets and products need, on the contrary, a lower quality video, which impacts in emotion from an "easy going" perspective. I think you will have the best demonstration not in external examples, but on your own experience. You can try both, but with very little investment, to measure the impact the quality has in your specific target, before going in a further planning. What it really matters for sure, always, is the emotions you appeal and the direct call to action to generate the conversion. Of course, it all depends on the product /service you are dealing with, and the target to whom you direct to. I hope I was clear in my point of view. I remain available for any questions you should have. Cheers!

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