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Where most people fall apart in management or leadership is Emotional Intelligence. You can significantly increase your own and widen the gap between being a good leader and a great one.

One book I recommend is EQ 2.0. Found in most bookstores and has an online self assessment tool.

Knowing the technical portions of a business just isn't enough and people will quickly see right through leaders who aren't self aware. This leads to disharmony, trust issues, vision buy-in issues, etc, etc. Show your employees that you're increasing your own self awareness of areas that need strengthening or support.

You don't need to be perfect in every area, but you do know how to admit it, craft a plan to deal with it and hire the right people to execute!

I'd be happy to discuss further, at your convenience....

Create a Not To Do list....

Put it as first page in your binder, planner, phone, etc. Review it as part of your daily kickoff routine (15mins min) as you're making your "To Do" list for the day. Empower yourself to say No if it's on the "Not To Do" and either delegate or destroy the task.

I'd be happy to talk further about a regular "15 Magic Minutes" morning routine.

Most of my clients relate to asking them "If you meet yourself a year from now and you ask yourself "How was your past year?", what are the 3 most positive things that you'll want to hear to impress you and stay interested in what they have to say?

If you'd like more "clarity" on this, I'd be happy to discuss further with you in a follow up call.

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