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Making a transition from full-time worker to being self-employed is both exciting and challenging. You would start asking yourself why did I even chose this?
First of all, you should be quite sure in yourself to be able to do it, and really everyone is capable of doing it, it's just the lack of discipline and creativity holding you back.
1. Plan financially - Start by assessing your financial situation. Calculate your current monthly expenses and create a budget.
2. Choose your niche - identify the specific area in which you'll offer your services as a self-employed professional. Make sure this aligns with your skills, expertise, and passions. You should be able to market yourself properly.
3. Create a Business Plan - the most important thing I'd say is this. Take in consideration everything; your free time (the time you can take off to work on your business), define your target audience, services, pricing, marketing strategies.
4. Network - meet and learn with/from people who started their own thing. Don't be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid questions. This is also quite important, consult with people that are near you, they might give you practical answers that you can implement.
5. Discipline really - work on your hustle whenever you can. Don't leave it for another day, don't be lazy and work your way through everything. It pays off eventually, big time. You can do it, just pursue it with all your might. Hope this helped, have a good one! :D

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