La'Keisha Daughtry, M.S.Self-Published Author. Entrepreneur. PD Leader.

Founder of LHEAPR Lifestyle Academy. Problem Solver. Motivator. Holistic Growth. Entrepreneurship. Personal Development. Former Trucker. Self-Published Author.

I left the workforce to motivate others that you do not have to be miserable for a paycheck. You are allowed to work for your dreams and not just for the objective of others. If you're an entrepreneur, I will motivate you to keep working on your dream with innovative solutions.

I have made powerful connections along my entrepreneurial journey and am here to share my resources.

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First, I'm an exclusive Paid-Meta Content Creator.

In the pursuit of effective mentor and coach acquisition for your startup, leveraging your immediate network is a commendable initial step. However, to optimize your strategy, I recommend a diversified approach. Incorporating cost-effective marketing tools such as social media advertising and posting, engaging in collaborative initiatives, and actively participating in relevant Facebook network groups for potential coaches are integral components. By using these avenues, you broaden your outreach and enhance the likelihood of connecting with suitable mentors. Further amplifying your efforts with live social media marketing can expedite the expansion of your reach. Should you have any additional inquiries regarding your startup journey, feel free to reach out for personalized assistance and guidance.

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