Jennifer Betesh (Thompson)Detox & Health Coach, Iridologist, Author.

Founder, Author of Green Smoothies for Dummies. Detox Expert & Iridologist for Mandarin Oriental Hotel. I got my first book deal using the Law of Attraction and grew to 60K+ followers on twitter organically (yes, really!).

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If you done 10 things halfway, you've still done nothing. Focus on ONE project at a time. Within that project there will be many steps to keep you more than busy. Also, do not skip steps! A huge mistake that many entrepreneurs make is that they split their energy into too many projects, quickly feel way too overwhelmed and then eventually give up. If you want to succeed, do one thing all the way and do it right!

Be genuine! The biggest mistake new companies with their social media marketing is that they get way too excited about themselves and forget to care about their followers. Engage in honest and open conversations without flogging your product or website in every tweet or post. Show your followers that you care by encouraging them and thanking them. They will be much more likely to share and retweet and that means your targeted market grows more quickly too. Show a genuine interest in knowing, sharing and learning as much as possible about your product or service. You want people to think about you every time they think about your field of expertise. Have fun, show your branding's personality but also remain professional at all times. Good luck!

Do an independent lab test of each item to test for heavy metal contamination, specifically cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. Better that you get this information in advance before someone else does it and reports it, which could lead to a very fast business demise. For reference, check the protein powder tested by Natural News and also Adya Clarity - both found to contain heavy metals and both with ingredients sourced from China. Good luck!

If you're going to take one supplement, go for Magnesium Citrate. Take 200mg 3x daily (with or without food is ok). Almost every client I have ever seen is deficient in magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can trigger sugar cravings, irritability, trouble sleeping, headaches, tension, muscle cramps and kidney weakness. Also, your body needs magnesium in order to make Vitamin D. For the rest of your vitamins, you can get them from food, but magnesium in particular is difficult for the body to absorb.

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