Maria-Gloria DennisonMind Spirit and Body Mentor

Maria-Gloria a Life Mentor,
Who uses this training and life experience to lead thousands to their true healing and awakening. Dominating in their space and using their power within to ascend to their blueprint.

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How may we improve today?

A motivational question which benefits the company as well as the employee; bringing out honesty from their end and creativity.

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Let's find out your purpose together. Before you invest not solely your time and energy, whilst resources.

I do understand it may be enraging at times, whilst recall this is not personal. Projecting one's own frustrations to other's is a force of seeking for help. Unfortunately it tends to be a habit for a great number of people.

Breath, do not engage further and peacefully offer a VIP call.

I offer you your first call where you undoubtedly will know how to deal with difficult clientele, whilst have a solution to what you truly seek.

Business coach motivates you to thrive in the career field you have chosen;
A mentor is more personal, conversely interpersonal. Guides you to your purpose, opening hidden doors for a lasting transformation.

Due to this fact entrepreneurs when starting opt for a business coach. On their way up they find the necessity to work with a mentor. Others fortunate enough find a mentor before their rise. So yes, some entrepreneurs do work with both.

I offer you your first call where you undoubtedly will not solely comprehend the matter in depth, whilst have a solution to what you truly seek.

Choosing the right one for your personal circumstance.
Not all that glitter's is gold, whilst often you have to dip into too many sauces before finding the right flavour for you. Which may become costly with no progress in the desired area you are seeking a solution.
I offer you your first call, the solution you seek, and more.

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