Shaun Augustine I have skills in counselling and relationships.

I have helped many people find fulfilment in life and live enriched lives. With my experience in life and the wisdom that I possess, I have helped many.

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Communicate how you feel with your partner. Be tactful as this is a very sensitive topic. Make sure you use wisdom. As you may hurt your partners feelings. Book a call with me and i will help you to express your feelings in the most diplomatic way.

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Complete surveys. Sell unwanted goods. Start a cleaning business. Knock on your neighbours doors and offer them your cleaning services. Freelance work.

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Book a call with me and i will share.

I can give you some advice on this. One thing i will say is that women like confident man. I can share some tips on how to get the woman of your dreams. Book a call so we can discuss.

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Take some time to reflect on your own feelings and actions. Understand your own emotions and consider if there are any specific issues that contribute to the hostility.
Open Communication:

Choose a calm and appropriate time to talk with your father. Express your desire to improve the relationship and share your feelings honestly. Use "I" statements to avoid sounding accusatory and focus on your own experiences.
Listen Actively:

Be open to hearing your father's perspective. Listen actively without interrupting, and try to understand his feelings and concerns. This can help create a more empathetic and constructive conversation.

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