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renewal of mind it amount to great oportunities that you did know well existed due to your change of mind.

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e your own investor, build yourself and allow through this bussiness to find your growth, yourself... for though this bussiness you be able to understand it came so that you may find yourself but... when you partner with others you not have room for your own self to understand growth but to be alart, in pressure and try as much as to fit in in their program that way it may lead to self ??? answer me if you know, or inbox for less which could be more .blessings.

its coz GOD made you ,for them, you the great at what you do, and for the toxic everything, talks, undermining, thinking you not perfect, relating with them, you doing most of the things... like food ,snacks and all but latter you find you the one doing the most... it mainly becoz in every home one happens to be the rightful chosen ,for his skills will lighten others to change their moods, discover themselves... thats why you find them irritating, annoying... it becoz one you intimidate them ,and less you make them feel less of themselves as you are more active than???

hi hope you well, first i applause you for seeking ideas, for your relationship ,that means you are a great man and it only real you to find true you...
-first sir , i said ideas coz from every advice you get... the view we have GOD an out do yours to be great, so we all can share ours but you can pick to the once that have great insight from what you seeing.
-secondly sir, in a relationship love has automatic respect to one another, for love makes people melt... thats why you see older guys behave like kids coz of what? ...being in love sir.
- thirdly. in a relationship one has to be the guide the other the incubater to what its released thats to say a man is a visionary a woman ? an incubate and from it ...comes beauty. or becomes beauty.
-forthly should we continue sir?

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