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I am a serial entrepreneur with experience in Consumer Internet, Cloud Computing, SAS, Hosting, E commerce (B2C), Consumer Products, Viral Marketing, Organic Search, Blogging, Social Media, Online Advertisement and affiliate networks. I am the Founder and CEO of Grabmore, and I am also a member of the Board of Directors of SGS Group. I have more than 13 years’ experience in business, including creating a hosting and cloud computing business.

I have worked in ecommerce marketplaces of various countries, including Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Ebay USA, Ebay UK and Alibaba, and I have helped many small businesses to successfully setup online store and marketplaces. I have also worked with Yahoo India to integrate our Domain Registration and other services. I have setup an email marketing service and successfully ended up sending more than 20 million subscribed emails in two months of launch for many of our large customers.

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I would advice you to select the best of your ideas and focus on that. Putting your focus on one idea can save you lot of things and makes the success rate high.

We are using many cdn networks for different projects. I would say cloudflare is the cheapest and its very reliable. If you have budget, take the basic cloudflare paid plan which gives you some advantage.

Cloudflare is easy to integrate and you can be online in few mins. It definitely saves lot of bandwidth and server resource utilization.

It depends on the Brand and Manufacture. If the Brand is desperate to liquidate the stock, then you can get bottom rock prices. You should do lot of analysis on the current selling price and your expected margin before negotiating the deal with the brand. Prices in electronics is always volatile. Even if you get a low price, you should have action plan to quickly clear the stock.

I agree with Joseph. I think you need to partner with a person who can help you to take the business to further heights. Hiring developer and web designer with equity doesn't make sense to me.

Dan is 100% correct. Conversion always depends on Many factors. I have seen few sites or few categories where the conversion is even less than 1%. Building brand and trust is also important. As you build trust, your conversion increases. If you have similar products and services that your competitors sell then pricing plays a major role, else you need to have differentiation and define your target customers.

Also I would advice you to Focus on the following

1. Enhance the speed of site and make the design as simple and standard as possible
2. Mobile Layout and APP
3. Always help and engage your customers by giving lot of inputs from various mediums and drive traffic to your website from that. This helps you attain very good conversion (better than paid click ads of google and facebook)
4. Give good customer service
5. Devise a strategy to make customers buy from you again and again
6. Never follow one method. Try experimenting different ways to find out which works for you

Hope this information helps

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