Larry MacDonaldTurn your career experience into royalties.

Worked exclusively on early stage concepts...for 40+ years.

I can help you achieve success by selecting new product concepts based on market need, rather than ideas that have no market, which is the major reason new products fail.

I use a proprietary research protocol to identify unmet market opportunities in large markets that show high existing demand.

I use that information to develop solutions that can be licensed to companies or entrepreneurs.

Benefit: Product concepts we develop have a greater likelihood of success because they are never based on ideas; we only address market gaps that exhibit demonstrable existing demand sufficient to meet financial objectives.

I will help you avoid mistakes in pursuit of flawed product ideas, review your areas of experience to uncover new product opportunities, and help you discover new businesses that you can launch that will be successful.

I will also act as a sounding board for whatever new product or service you are currently considering. However, be prepared for some hard questions that may make you rethink your selection.

I can also explain to anyone why they should never, ever, use an Invention Development company. That, alone, will pay for your call many times over.

Recent Answers

I have found that a more successful approach to new product development is not to base your product thinking on ideas, because idea-based products almost always fail because due to insufficient demand.

Instead, look for unsolved pains in your area of knowledge. Then pick the need that is most likely to meet your financial goals. Next we develop a solution using virtual design teams. Protect the intellectual property and sell it.

People with significant industry or life experience have the wisdom and intuition to judge which unmet market pains are the most profitable to solve.

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