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Thirty years of serial social entrepreneurship. On a mission to make starting and growing a small business more secure and sustainable. Small businesses are the economic engine of the local community; when small business flourish, the community flourishes too.

My best value offering is business development and marketing strategies for small to medium businesses in retail, B2C services, small-scale construction and hospitality.

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Simple answer, YES ... with one proviso. Cutting development time by 95% makes additional cash very attractive. On the flip side, too much money too soon can make you sloppy and wasteful ... so find one or two competent people to hold you accountable and don'r spend a discretionary cent without their prior approval. Have you tested your market yet? If not, you may simply be digging a deeper debt hole. Watch out! Check your market!

Start by earning $1 NOW!
Then earn $10 JUST NOW!
Next $100 QUICKLY
And you have the means to "immediately" earn $1,000/m
Either 100 x $10 or 10 x $100 ... which ever is quickest.

Example: Assuming you can earn revenue online.
Step 1. Build a squeeze page for a "Pro Report" costing $1
Step 2. Create a one time offer for $10 to sell to $1 buyers
Step 3. Upsell a $100 to the $10 buyers

"Pro Report" ... "Five valuable lessons I learned when I crashed my start-up ... and how you can save THOUSANDS if you are willing to learn from my experience." The report gives an overview of the five lessons ... enough to expose the pain/fear of failure and convince them that you have real lessons to share.

How many startup entrepreneurs would pay $100 to learn five quality lessons to save THOUSANDS? You only need 10 per month ... the $1 and $10 sales must cover your advertising costs.

Then start planning your startup and talk to me about how to reduce the risk of failure, enhance the probability of success and eliminate the financial cost of failure! As you have learned "Failure is never fatal" ... and, of course, success is never final. Be prepared next time.

BTW, when I crashed my last business I wiped out $2m in a flash ... then I designed a Capital Protection Plan (CPP) that is the only system proven to eliminate the financial cost of failure for entrepreneurs and investors.

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