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Congratulations on your successful first year!

Here are some suggestions I can offer:

1. Focus on where you can add the most value to your targeted clients and promote what sets your organization uniquely apart from the competition. For example, India country market + social media marketing + specific market segment expertise will enable you to target potential clients more effectively than a broad approach where your message will get lost in the noise.

2. Reach out to the foreign government entities that have a presence in India and are helping foreign companies do business there. For example, the U.S. Department of Commerce has offices throughout India and these offices exist to help U.S. companies do business in India. The DOC looks for qualified local companies with expertise that can help U.S. companies coming to India. Contact them to find out how to become engaged in that process. The same is true for the UK, Singapore, and other country organizations.

3. Similarly, reach out the the India country representatives based in the U.S. (and other countries where you wish to do business). These are usually based in Washington DC or New York, with affiliate offices around the States.

Hope these suggestions help and best wishes for another great year!

Several suggestions:
1. Utilize localized language on your site and in advertising. For example, "flashlight" is a word used in the USA, but "torch" is what is used in the UK and many other countries for the same product. Non-USA users may search for products in their own language, so identify the key words that apply to your product or service, make sure you have the correct translation/context and implement into your website and advertising.

2. Look at securing url's that are appropriate for the country(ies) you are targeting. For example, if your current address is, and you are targeting France, look to secure as well.

3. Look to obtain visibility in search engines and databanks that are frequented by the country(ies) you are targeting. In the USA, for example, many organizations look to Hoovers for private company information. In Europe, Kompass may be the better resource in which to be found.

Just a few suggestions - hope they help!

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