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You can create a podcast or webcast and either share tips or do industry influencer interviews. This will increase your subscribers and you can then seek sponsors for your show who are trying to reach your target market. The sponsors are given a place to either put a small banner on your site with CPC or you can mention your sponsors during your web/podcast which creates an evergreen effect. For this you charge a monthly flat fee.

When you are starting out you want a system that's got built in "funnels" that allow you to create courses, add bundles or recommend additional courses to your students. Your system should be easy to use, give you templates that you can modify and add your branding to and your videos are stored via a cloud system. I recommend They also handle the payment processing.

If you'd like to reach out to me I'd be happy to talk about targeting students for your courses with you.

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Having a list to contact when your books are coming out or to take pre-sell orders from is great and recommended; to build you list I have used blogging. This way I can solicit comments about characters, plot twists or even engage in conversations with a growing list while building my list of fans to sell to.

LinkedIn is a great place if you are looking for contributors set up a business page for your website on LinkedIn and link it to your LinkedIn personal page. Then post several blog articles or recorded interviews to your LinkedIn blog with a link back to your website. Include a "call for contributors" link so readers and others can share it or contact you.

We used EIN Presswire for a recent event and received a 32% increase in visitors and attendees. I recommend them.

SumoMe is a great resource for A/B testing plus it offers a variety of low cost items that easily allow you to track your engagements. They also offer products that easily integrate with autoresponder services like MailChimp, GetResponse and Aweber.

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