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Hello! I am an expert in Generative AI such as ChatGPT and Midjourney. I have been working in this field for over 5 years and have a wealth of experience in helping clients understand and utilize these technologies to improve their businesses

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Like any other design project, you can charge on an hourly basis or a fixed amount depending on the scope and how much time the process will take to complete. I would start by setting delivery stages for the project, with that, calculate the amount of time it will require you to complete each phase. Define how much you want to get payed for each hour. Add up the total amount of hours and analyze from there if the total cost of the project is a reasonable amount that your client will be willing to pay.

You should start by looking at networks like Behance and scouting designers with portfolios that match your product expectations. Great editorial projects are made by designers who are able to translate your ideas and to visually attractive designs.

Return on investment. As long as you can prove that your investment is returning new customers and better clients with larger returns, the amount of money you invest in digital should grow.

Have you tried an Inbound approach? I would start by creating valuable content for your target and defining clear buying personas with specific value propositions for each. This would requiere analyzing your current strategy and building a new sales pipeline. I would gladly help you with that. Cheers!

I suggest you post on a freelance network for quotes on the cost of cloning. I also know you can buy white-label software from various vendors.

UX and CX ARE really important for your first launch. There is no second chance to make a first impression.

For starters, haters will always be haters. That being said, if you have any information on past costumer complains, I would recommend you develop an FAQ or response protocol for any issues that clients constantly complain about. Most trolls and un happy users have past experiences with the company, or the have heard from other clients that your service and offer. You should have a clear scope of this.

On the other hand, you should asses your campaign and try to asume probable blowback themes. Prepare to responde, or not, most themes are recurring. Users can link your campaign to other conversations, user your hashtag to poke fun at other brands or brand names, and turn your campaign into a meme. If anything, theses are always potential spin-offs you can capitalize with your creative team.

My general recommendation would be to align other areas of the company your are working with, with this, monitor all conversations and if something comes up, you will be the first to know and act on. The worst thing would be to have troll hitting you and now knowing about it... and finding out from your client first.

Not sure exactly what you mean, but I could guess that if anything you would need to either have the user sign-up for your service or scrape the data from the social networks API. Once you capture the image, your system would need to notify the user. I have seen similar apps, mostly used as targeting to capture traffic from social networks. Would love to hear more!

It sounds like an interesting approach... but, paying to get access to employees makes me think that applicants who can afford the cost would have a better chance at a job. ¿would that be fair for others, better qualified, but with no budget?

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