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10 year veteran in AdSense Income optimization & A/B Testing. Investor in websites on Flippa.com & Empire Flippers. Creator of AdsNinja Plugin for WordPress.

I run AdSense Optimization Blog at https://www.adsenseninja.com & developed Ads Ninja WP plugin for fast AdSense rollout on small and large websites, tuned for increased revenue.

In the last 2 years I've earned $350,000 doing both, from my 3 small websites, and can I help you with both!

Using creative A/B and Split Testing methods, I'm often able to increase AdSense revenue or number of leads of a website by 30-100%

Further, using simple UX improvements and creative Call toAction (CTA) placement, I was able to improve MOBILE lead generation by over 90%, and bring it on par with desktop version of a site.

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so look at average youtube Revenue per 1000 views, and multiply by 2 ... Maybe a little more.

My guess $2-$5 / 1000 views

Now also consider that if it's the same "local advertiser" (located nearby your WIFI access) that could bring them lots of foot traffic and revenue ... so maybe you can charge more than $2-$5 :)

In my experience, CPM ads pay much less than CPC. I think that your issue with AdSense was poor optimization / ad placement.

I have a client who had very low CPC with high traffic website, and was making well over $10000 per month with AdSense.

Before we optimized his site, with same traffic he was making less than $3000 (which is still pretty good).

There may be some good CPM networks out there, but overall, CPC should yield much higher income.

What was your RPM (revenue per 1000 impressions) with AdSense?

It depends on what type of online business you want to run.

For selling online (physical or digital products), you need to figure out your audience first, and then find or create products, that will sell. Also consider how you will get paid - living in Egypt may put restrictions on money transfers (for example - does PayPal operate in Egypt).

You can also do freelance work online.

Bottom line - starting an online business is easy. Getting clients and getting paid is more complicated.

Good luck

I would say, what you are hearing is correct - I would take all 4 of those as MAIN factors. Maybe add another two

- Verticals that you are an expert in.
- Verticals where you will have enough $$ to break into / develop / support for some time, until you start making profits.

Most startups operate at a loss for a long time, until they build critical mass of users. If you run out of money before you are profitable - what's the point?

For example, space flights are "hot" right now (space-x, blue origin, etc), but you would probably have no expertise in it, and not enough money to get into space craft biz.

You need high traffic AND/OR high CPC content.

There are many high cost per click "keywords", and I won't list them all (your best tool to research this is SemRush), but for example, "credit cards" is pretty profitable.

Key is to have a combination of both - good traffic + "good keyword content".

It's also best to have traffic from US/Canada (UK/Western Europe/Australia/NZ) for highest paying ads.

Impressions are TOTAL ad views. If you have 3 ads on a page, you will have 3 impressions.

If user sees only two ads (say one is at the bottom of the page, and user doesn't scroll down), you will have 2 impressions.

Page views is how many times a page was seen.

Good luck

It's kind of late reply, but ... sears is dying, so don't waste your time selling on their platform. Instead try Walmart.com or of course Amazon...

Good luck

Subfolder is definitely the way to go. Here is why:

With subfolder, you share SEO juice with the root level domain.

If you do sub-domain, it's like a whole new domain (in the eyes of Google) and will not get any existing SEO benefit.

Good luck

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