Onur IbrahimPeople First Customer Acquisition Expert

Customer Acquisition Expert using People First Marketing. Successfully creating beautiful User Experiences and taking products to market using PPC, SEO, Facebook, Email, Twitter and Display Media

I've been a digital strategist and UX practitioner for over 20 years. Working with some of the largest and most successful agencies in the world I share my broad experience and stories from both corporate and entrepreneurial businesses. I have written books on UX and story telling for advertising and actively consult businesses large and small on performance marketing, social media and UX. I am a regular speaker and am passionate about helping startups figure out how to improve their metrics through better user research, marketing activity and design.

I help entrepreneurs, and internet marketers start and scale their business. I personally use these strategies and have grown many marketing agencies by 40% year on year. If you're ready to growing your income in a scalable and accountable and trackable way, then I'm the man to get you started.

I am a firm believer that you cant manage what you cant measure and work with businesses to set targets and implement strategies that help them reach their goals.

Some businesses need help getting started, others want me to plan, implement and optimise Google SEO, PPC and Facebook / Instagram ad campaigns for them.

My team and I are here to support whatever your marketing need might be.

*Money Back Guarantee* If at the end of our phone call you are COMPLETELY satisfied and you don't feel like you got your money's worth, just say the word and I'll refund you your entire fee paid to me.

Now stop procrastinating and let's hop on a call, looking forward to getting started!


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Mediums are always evolving. However we are all witnessing more free information and support being given to people. The quality of free information has increased rapidly and many of the products that a market would have paid for last year are now available at no cost.

It is also clear that as competition increases there is a deeper need for the "faces" behind info products to also build more credibility. Majority of them are doing this by creating and growing communities on Facebook and building YouTube channels with massive subscriber lists. All of this is created off the back of high quality content.

I would start with google analytics.
If you configure it correctly you can get quite far down the line for free.

Once you start seeing revenue and need more detail you can move over to one of the more premium or paid for systems.

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