Dan De RosaGrowth Advisor/CRO in Ecom, Travel, Crypto markets

Growth manager for fast-growing US & EU Tech Startups and mid-size companies.
Former VC backed Startup CEO & Founder.
Former Head of Experiences in a leading EU OTA travel firm.

I help companies to grow their business and sales online internationally optimizing the scalability of their business.

In the last 10 years, I helped to grow several US/UK/CH/IT digital businesses internationally in:

- Travel industry
- E-commerce
- Cryptocurrencies
- Mobile market (ASO)
- Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
- Internet Of Things (IOT)
- Banks and Financial services industries
- Real Estate platforms

I have managed for my clients in the last years over $1M/year performance marketing budget to help them directly in:

- Funnel planning and optimization
- CRO, conversion rate optimization
- SEO analysis and optimization
- Planning and execution of scalable performance marketing campaigns, with a focus on Facebook Advertising.
- General ROI optimization through the implementation of marketing automation tools
- Lead generation management
- Product launch
- CRM planning and management
- Content marketing strategies
- Scalable PR outreach tactics
- Managing teams with specific growth KPI metrics

I love to work with startups and small teams, but I am also able to work with bigger corporations to help them to reach their yearly objectives online.

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Quick answer:

Ask to confirm a paid business audit to find out all the issues and opportunities in their business.
If they don't confirm this phase don't help them as they are not aware about this matter enough to pay for your time.

In the business audit put at least 30% of the focus on showing all the analytics and metrics from competitors so they can be aware how much they are late into the analytics game and will be more interested to invest in this matter.

It's possible and really it's easy to start.

But it needs 2 main resources: your money or your time.

To earn immediately after the launch what you will have to make is a lead generation paid SEM plan.
To make it work you will need:
- a clever domain name
- a medium lenght optimized landing page
- an email funnel strategy
- a google adwors account, with a daily mantainance for your SEM strategy (this will be your main role)

If you have a 3-6 months time range to start to see the first client you will need:
- SEO optimized domain name
- SEO optimized long landing page
- A SEO optimized blog with a blog content strategy
- an active look on your social media channels to make them grow
- a daily backlink generation objective

Finding freelancers is the easieast part since everyone is looking for clients today.
Many professionals rely on projects like yours to receive leads and work for a smaller slice of the pie.

To understand how to make it work contact me, I did it for banks.

That's awesome.

You are at a first stage of building a MOOC, a Massive Open Online Course portal.

I worked in the growth team of a UK startup that reached an explosive growth in 2015.

I like your approach you applied the "don't scale" approach in the Paul Graham (Ycombinator founder) way.

I invested in this kind of business hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on several acquisition channels.
The good news for your business is that bidding costs for Indonesian users are the lowest in the market today so you could leverage this opportunity to invest in CPC/PCM channels.

There is a really important thing you will need to do before doing this. Building an email list at the top of the funnel.

To learn how to grow your business today call me and I will help you.


I have built lead generation systems for Finance/Healtech/Fashtech/Mooc companies.

These are my favorite tools !

- Smartly.IO (In case of FB Ads world domination strategies)
- Unbounce.com (Fast,user friendly)
- Zoho SalesIQ (Great live chat, the best in the market)
- Base CRM (Funnel based CRM,smart and friendly)
- Optimizely (Perfect for small tests)
- Luckyorange (Optimize everything on landing pages)
- Privy (Popups are back, incredibly better geo based conversion rates)

For emails
- Mailchimp Automation (for well tested A-B tests progressions)
- Intercom (for a more direct one to one contact)
- Powerinbox.com (for a super customized A-B test strategy

To actually apply them in the best way in your acquisition funnel let's plan a call.

My clients buy companies, but only companies that reach some specific parameters.

Send me more details about it and I will evaluate if I can help you.

I did. I built several apps and with my last one I raised personally a $1.2M seed investment with an european Venture Capital seed.

I studied design management and learnt how to build a tech team and lead them as a product manager.

I built these projects from the first prototypes, A/B tests, fund raising, user growth and traction based lean models.

The first step is: validate your app idea on the web before even building the app.

Contact me if you need all the details about the exact steps I followed, will be happy to help !

I personally recently raised $1.2M seed investment for my own startup after one year of networking events, startup competitions and pitch sessions.
Today I work for a network of 800 US Family Offices as external advisor. We are looking to invest in US based companies for series A,B,C rounds.

If you send me more information about your project/pitch with a PM I can evaluate if I can help.

My answer is:

- Leveraging exceptional success stories based on your previous clients.

- Great engaging videos directly from the landing page.

- Building a newsletter strategy sharing weekly articles about how your clients are growing their businesses week by week

- Delayed first payment on the first month to give them time to install and learn how to use the platform

- Substitute the trial time with an engaging webinar that includes a Q&A

To talk about how to apply these strategies and with which apps let's book a call.
I advised many marketing SAAS companies to improve their business models in the past years.

According to Sensor Tower volumes Snapchat has no signs of desperation.

Rebranding usually has nothing to do with desperation or failing products, more likely with a different market positioning.

Snapchat could be sold tomorrow for around 15 billions with just 330 employees. To me this looks pretty successful !

I have worked with some success on upwork.com.

I would suggest to lower the budget but pay them in time right after they send you the project and you have properly tested it.

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