I am desperately looking for a mentor to help guide me through the development process. I have a sound concept but, I'm uncertain what to do from here. Basically, I want to develop a moisture wicking, wrinkle free bedding for the critical care patients. This high acuity population is at high risk for skin breakdown. I've been researching this idea for 4 years and am ready to take this concept to the next phase. Is anyone willing to graciously advise me? Please!? Thank you!! Rebecca L. Violette, RN Portland, Maine

Hi Rebecca, I would love to connect you with one of my contacts that brings medtech inventions like yours to market. There are an R&D wing of a healthcare provider and have brought some cool products to market already. Please send me a quick message and I'll get you my email address and set you up with my contact.

Answered 7 years ago

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