I am desperately looking for a mentor to help guide me through the development process. I have a sound concept but, I'm uncertain what to do from here. Basically, I want to develop a moisture wicking, wrinkle free bedding for the critical care patients. This high acuity population is at high risk for skin breakdown. I've been researching this idea for 4 years and am ready to take this concept to the next phase. Is anyone willing to graciously advise me? Please!? Thank you!! Rebecca L. Violette, RN Portland, Maine

I have some experience in the space through my medical company and would be interested in hearing more about your concept and assisting you. There is some competition in the space, so I'd like to hear how you believe that your solution has a sustainable competitive advantage over the other options. The challenge often here is that the time to prototype, testing, and then ultimately adoption can be long and drawn out - especially when regulating bodies are involved. I'd be happy to go into greater detail with you in a brief call.

Answered 7 years ago

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