I've seen a few different approaches. Some companies simply have their blog buried somewhere on their website. Some start an industry-wide standalone publication that's more like a magazine/newspaper. Some build a standalone blog just for their company Some build some kind of a content hub, kind of like Hubspot that seems to mix a bit of everything. How should I choose where and how to structure my content? Where should I be directing my energy to efficiently generate leads? Does separating your blog/publication from your company website reduce the visitor's exposure to your brand too much? Does the increase in visibility of the blog/publication as well as amount of outside content offset the reduced exposure to your brand thanks to greater quantity of visitors?

The most leads come where marketing promotion and content are set up so the visitor flows naturally from one to the other.
They start investigating or discovering free content, then from links in the content or below/around the sidebars or a popup lightbox they click through to other material. And then an explicit sales message is put in front of them that they activate.

The way to plan and structure your content is to first plan your product sales hierarchy (what they buy first, second etc) and then align the content which will persuade a visitor to buy each to work in concert stepping them up naturally from a browse to a first purchase, return for a second purchase etc.

I suggest you start with a planning session to map out your business products and the content you've already got. Then put these into a process so new content, new social sites and new products can be added over time using the same structure.

If this sounds a bit confusing, give me a call and let's help you out.

Answered 7 years ago

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