Let me start by giving you some real data for our agency. When we started blogging we had about 1,000 visitors a month to our website. Today we have 13,000 a month. We currently have almost 700 subscribers to our blog and we blog almost every single day. The result is almost 250 new leads a month for our agency. I don't think blogging is dead a all, in fact I think it is a vital part of any agency and every client's set of marketing tactics.

We use blogging as a tactic for clients and integrate that into their social media marketing effort as well as teaching them how to integrate blog content into their sales process, so sales people leverage that thought leadership with prospects furthering the relationship and driving more blog subscribers.

Its all tied together today, it's virtually impossible to pull out one tactic without impacting performance and unraveling the overall program integrity.

I would be happy to share even more data and real life experiences with you, in a follow up call. Just let me know.


Answered 7 years ago

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