We are an enquiry based travel business, and receive email enquiries from a number of different sources. We currently have 2 agents sharing 1 main inbox, and a 3rd agent using her own account, with enquiries being forwarded to her to answer directly. I want to consolidate this via some kind of system that they can all work on harmoniously, so that I can add more staff without things getting even more complicated. Note, we are currently not using any CRM, as we cant find anything suitable for our specific needs :(

I'm assuming you use something like Google Apps to handle your mail. If so, you can set up a "Group" called something like You can then add each rep's individual email as a member of that group.

Any contact forms, lead generation forms, or materials should point to that email address. Any inquiries you get will then go to all members of the group, and you can manage who is responsible for which inquiry separately.

As an alternative, if you have a "Sales Manager" type role in place, just have go to you, and forward qualified leads to each rep in a round-robin. It takes more manual work, but would allow for an equitable lead spread.

Answered 7 years ago

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