I have an exhibition event coming up and I managed to get my company's booth creatively designed, the problem is that I'm struggling to find something that would attract people to come inside the booth and explore it instead of just passing by it I wonder from where do events company find these ideas, I thought of hologram, big touch screens, photo booths but these has been used before Any suggestions? I'm open to anything creative! Thanks

Attendees are always looking for new and great ideas presented by exhibitors. The popcorn machine is one of the trade show items that always works. You can smell is all over the place. The popcorn bag walks all over the show floor. A coffee bar is a great option as well. It takes a minute or two or three to make the coffee. It gives you and your team the time for a 60 sec networking message. Coffee is expensive at trade shows. Attendees will talk about it, where they got their coffee, and that there were very attractive people preparing the coffee.

The global trade shows are providing huge catering and F&B activities on the show floor. Hard to beat when the invite and save $15+ for a meal at the convention center.

We have also created "breakfast vouchers" for attendees and guests. They prefer the coffee and breakfast in my booth, network, meet with other attendees, and we created additional leads.

Train your staff to network and not make an immediate sales pitch to the attendees. The impersonal approach by booth staff is often a reason for me to walk on.

Trade show giveaways are returning to the show floor. The upscale water bottles are often a winner. We have also invested in more expensive pens that people will keep. Don't forget that attendees often have to find a gift for their kids or grand kids at home. A nice stuffed animal or a t-shirt have been winners at my house. How cool does Dad or Mom look when he/she walks around the trade show with this cute stuffed animal? Winner. People ask where I got it, and will come by to get . There is your chance to network. Good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

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