Hi everyone! Here's a question for my fellow content marketers: One of our clients now has two distinct target markets, each with different interests. We've segmented the newsletter to account for this, but we're trying to figure out next steps for the blog. Would it make sense to have one landing page for the blog that has two sections -- so visitors could select the one they're interested in when they land on the blog? Have you seen examples of blogs that cater to two target markets? Have other ideas of how to approach this? One thing I've learned through my work is that it's best to do things under one umbrella when possible, but I think in this case it's worth breaking into two sections, so long as we can keep both living on the same blog homepage. Thanks for ideas!

Good Question, but it's hard to give an good answer without knowing how different the segments are so I'll try my best.

I agree that you should try to have this under one umbrellas as much as possible. A good example of a company that I've seen do this is who is trying to target several different type of motorcycle riders. They divide the website into sections based off the type of bike people like to ride.

For your blog I would set up categories for the specific target markets so they can quickly find the content that they are interested in. Also you can set it up so the content can be emailed to the right segment based off of the category it is in.

Hope this helps!

Answered 7 years ago

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