How do you Survive while you try and make a big idea happen??! Are there reliable ways to make a consistent income online?

It worries me when I hear a (budding?) entrepreneur use words like "reliable" and "consistent" and "income". Entrepreneurs know there are no such guarantees on the road to potential success.

As well your statement "may take time" also indicates that it's just a matter of time. In many (dare I even say MOST) cases your big idea will flat out fail. Sure, some people get lucky and hit it big on their first outing... But the wise ones know that luck was a HUGE factor. And they hold no such expectations for future endeavors to succeed or pan out that quickly.

I say none of this to discourage you. On the contrary - these things are the reasons why being an entrepreneur is so amazing.

-Most people fear failure and as such will avoid even trying.
-Most people give up after their one big idea doesn't start cash-flowing immediately.
-Most people have an aversion to risk so they take the path of (seeming) least resistance.

Entrepreneurs aren't "most people".

Entrepreneurs embrace risk. They do everything they can to MITIGATE that risk - but they also know that "sure things" are for suckers.

Entrepreneurs move forward with confidence and passion but also do so knowing that there are no guarantees. They may have to hold down a "j-o-b" while pursuing their vision. It might takes years. They may spend nights and weekends toiling away. But they do so knowingly and willingly.

The answer to your question - how to do it - is just to DO IT. Start taking action today.

In my opinion - a better question to ask is "What can I do to increase the probability of turning my idea into a business - a profitable reality - one that creates value for the marketplace while kicking off profits to me, the owner?"

Find a great mentor or coach and then just go for it.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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