I am working with a b2b startup, which is a marketplace that connects clients and freelancers. They have a strong value proposition, and I want to help them generate leads through PPC. We ran one campaign and generated 60+ leads via ebook downloads (in 48 hours). The problem is that we don't have the bandwidth to followup with all of these leads, and they all slipped through the cracks. What ends up happening are zero conversions. Two questions: (1) how can we deal with this pipeline/follow-up issue and (2) are we at a stage where we need a CRM immediately? Or should we continue to deploy marketing campaigns?

I HATE CRM... I have never ever seen CRM help you close more deals. In fact, the time that it takes to keep it current costs you valuable deal-making time

(BTW, I'm not talking out my ass. I've built/sold several multi-million dollar companies and run a firm that advises billion dollar companies on ways to drive growth.)

Try a platform like CONTACTUALLY ( It has the best mix of contact tracking, email automation, and pipeline closing -- and it works seamlessly with your email. i don't own, advise, on have an investment in these dudes, BUT I use this platform religiously.


Answered 7 years ago

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