Do you think it's impossible for health apps focused on low-income/Medicaid populations to make it in the consumer market?

We have been told a lot that getting into the consumer app space is a waste of our time. I'm curious about this. Is the space so crowded that new small startups can't make it?



Who cares if anyone here thinks you can make it. Do you think you can make it? More importantly -- do you have the guts to create something that is memorable in a space that has seen enough start-ups angling for consumer attention.

Fair enough?

Answered 10 years ago

Pretty generic question but I would answer what you consider "making it" is first. Are you trying to earn revenue? Is this an altruistic venture? Is this an extension of an existing business into mobile? Craft the strategy first. Whatever you do, DON'T do it because you "think" you can. That is surely going to lead to a disaster.

Answered 10 years ago

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