In XX century we used to say that some perfect entrepreneur should mix and combine leadership and management skills to be 100% it still true on XXI century with our global challenge?

There's a functional difference in leading an organization and leading (managing) a team operationally. As a Founder, usually by necessity, you will have a greater chance of success in your venture if you can excel at a 50/50 split of strengths for both in the early days.

Without the ability to communicate your vision and build the team you need to launch your venture, you won't attract a team. Once you have them, you've got to execute which requires significant management skills with people and project management to produce and deliver your product or service.

As your organization and your team grows, it's important to really self-assess/get feedback on where your true strength lies - leading or managing. If you are strongest in the leadership role - narrow your lens and channel your energy in growing that strength for the good of your company. Partner or staff up with strong managers who live and breathe your people, systems, products/services, etc. If you're strongest at management - partner up with a demonstrated leader who shares your VISION and ultimate goal(s).

Seth Godin had a great video a bit back that got into the heart of this:

The thing that makes me curious about your question is how it connects to your work. Do you feel that if you can't bring 100% you won't be able to compete in a "global" marketplace?

Answered 6 years ago

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