We are a non-profit platform with a growing community soul. > < We help the talented writers to get their voices heard. We need a fundraiser, but we don't know what sort of qualities differentiate a good fundraiser from an ordinary one.

A little late on this, but I think I have somethings to add to the conversation.

As a former fundraiser, the number one way to tell if someone is great from someone who is ordinary is to look at their past success. Every fundraiser has a different style, but what sets great ones apart from ordinary ones are the ones that know what works for them, and not just following what others say works. The great ones will be able to tell you why they are are great, and can replicate success in multiple organizations (which is normal in the fundraising world).

That said, there are models out there that can help build success. But those are more organizational models (building a donor development cycle, x# of prospects will generate x# of donors etc). However, even the best fundraisers can't raise a dime if the organization does not know what they are raising money for and why (a case statement).

Also, to build on what Tom said, fundraising is a team effort. There is relationship building at every level, both with the fundraiser and the donor, and facilitating the relationship between leadership and the donor. Founders, CEOs, ED and Board Members need to be involved in all stages and must reserve a portion of their time to this important function.

Answered 6 years ago

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