We have been studying justin Wilcox marketing messaging testing and pricing testing messaging strategy, we wanted to consider whether we could test pricing with two seperate prices of the app in the App Store. Our FB campaigns link directly to app purchase, so we'd prefer to test this way rather than paypal on our site. Our target group is iOS users, 40-50k income, app purchase in last 30 days + fitness interest Has anyone done this rather than the traditional google lean Adwords to site/landing page/unbounce method?

The short answer is, you can't. Unless one of the versions price is free, which is what a majority of apps are. Any pricing difference is going to alienate a certain percentages of customers.

Think of alternative ways that you might accomplish the same goal, which is to get the highest price for your product. Release lite versions which have different features and use analytics to track which convert better. Another solution would be to add the features as in app purchases, and let the marketplace decide which they prefer.

Answered 6 years ago

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