One of our client sites got hit by the most recent Panda/Payday update. The site is full of high-quality content, yet search traffic dropped to half of what we normally see. Anyone have experience with this? Since our focus with this site really is high-quality content, we've covered most of our bases in terms of best practices, which is why I'm stumped. Perhaps we've got bad links somewhere or something along those lines we aren't aware of? Thanks for any insight! @alexisgrant

The first thing to do is wait a little while. Sometimes ranking losses from G Updates are not permanent. So before changing anything, give it some time to settle (a week or two is sufficient).

The typical SEO strategy is to first identify what the G Update was for (if possible), then examine the site's backlink profile and take action accordingly.

In addition, you'll want to examine the backlink structure of the sites that link to your site.

If those actions do not work, and you must be ranking in G, then this is really troublesome. I'd recommend you contact a SEO professional immediately for an evaluation of the site.

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Answered 6 years ago

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