One of our client sites got hit by the most recent Panda/Payday update. The site is full of high-quality content, yet search traffic dropped to half of what we normally see. Anyone have experience with this? Since our focus with this site really is high-quality content, we've covered most of our bases in terms of best practices, which is why I'm stumped. Perhaps we've got bad links somewhere or something along those lines we aren't aware of? Thanks for any insight! @alexisgrant

If the content is of high quality, there can be only 2 possible reasons on high level - #1. duplicate content or multiple thin pages within site and #2. Bad link profile. As you have pointed out, there are other sites republishing your content - but that's not termed as duplication (it's a case of syndication, which is perfectly normal). There are few things you should take care of while doing syndication - like using nofollow backlinks, referring to source etc. I have been helping clients successfully recover their sites for quiet a long time now and have never seen syndication as an issue. So if you want me to take a look, feel free to schedule a call and I'll take a look.

Answered 6 years ago

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