I'm a solo freelance developer who also provides web hosting for most of my clients. Because I receive whmcs for free through my hosting reseller account, that's what I've been using for my client management and invoicing; however, it's more geared towards running a hosting business rather than a dev/marketing business. Also, I find that my clients don't seem to find it all that intuitive, and I often need to chase down payments. For time tracking, I am using Toggl. I think it's a decent app, but I feel it's a bit overkill for a solo freelancer, yet lacking in a few other areas. It's almost too robust, and time tracking with it as a solo dev seems overly cumbersome. What I'd like to find is an app that consolidates the time tracking and billing, along with project management features to aid with scheduling and workflow. If accounting features are included, that would be a plus, but what I'm mainly looking for is one go to solution for time tracking, invoicing, estimates, and project management. Closest thing I've seen to this is Solo (, but reviews are very mixed. I'm considering taking a look at Harvest. I've tried FreeAgent in the past and am considering giving it another go, but from what I remember, it's more of an accounting app. Those of you that are either solo or part of a small agency - what apps or online services would recommend? I'd love to streamline my time tracking, workflow, and billing, so I'd greatly appreciate it if any of you could chime in. Thanks in advance!

I like Harvest both for time-tracking and for invoicing clients. It's simple, which I love.

Answered 6 years ago

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