I am new and I want to offer consulting services to small business owners on The problem is that I don't have extra time to spend on typing out answers to questions posed on What should I do to have my first client? This is a typical Chicken and Egg Dilemna that I have to solve.

I started by using my VIP link, something you can find in your account settings, and allowing people to set up a free call with me through that link. That way, they were more inclined to receive free advice, and they left me reviews that gave me credibility and authority as an expert in my field. I did that with five calls, got five reviews, and then I started promoting my profile with the link that would actually allow me to get paid. I had a client within a week and things grew slowly from there. I would also recommend making your pricing competitive. Check out what the going rate is by other experts in your field and see if you can price the same or better. Once you have more clients and more reviews you can up your price.

Answered 3 years ago

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