I am new and I want to offer consulting services to small business owners on The problem is that I don't have extra time to spend on typing out answers to questions posed on What should I do to have my first client? This is a typical Chicken and Egg Dilemna that I have to solve.

I'll be the last guy to the party and state the obvious: having a nice-looking profile helps. Pick a high-res picture of yourself from a flattering angle or use an illustration like I did to show some of your personality. Choose interesting images for your area of expertise, and take the time to write a thoughtful explanation of your perspective on each area. Pick topics you're passionate about. Start your per-minute rate lower at first to give folks a lower barrier for entry—but not so low that your pricing devalues your perceived expertise. Sync up with LinkedIn to pull in whatever testimonials you might already have there. Maybe even give away a few VIP calls to start populating your profile with some positive reviews. Put the link to your Clarity profile in your email signature. Put the Clarity widget on your website. Book a couple of Clarity calls with other people who have been on Clarity longer and have lots of positive reviews to get a feel for how they handle themselves. Respond to "I'd-like-to-pick-your-brain" emails like this: "I'd be happy to chat with you about that. I book all my consulting calls through Clarity. Hop on and propose a few times that work for you. Here's the link to my profile: [profile link]." The rest will take care of itself!


Answered 6 years ago

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