We're looking for a well converting sales funnel to model our sales funnel after. The more concrete and hands on ideas are very welcome. Our site is

Hi there,
I'm gonna tell you the truth: there's not any "proven well converting sales funnel" at all!
Don't waste time on that question, is the wrong question you're asking yourself.

As the founder of a Conversion Rate Optimization company, having worked on hundreds of different websites and e-commerce and having brought hundreds of millions of additional revenue optimizing checkout processes and conversion funnel ..

Here's the delusion: what works on a website doesn't work on another website.

Why? Because it's a different story and it should be treated accordingly.
If you have the brand awareness of Amazon there are stuff and strategy that works there, that are not the same stuff and strategies that will work on your website.

So the question you should ask yourself is: what would build so much-value for my customer and so much so that they will take the next step towards the funnel until they reach the macro-conversion I want them to take?

Here a few hint to understand your customer mind and then translate those finding into actual concrete ideas that will lead your website to an increased conversion rate:
1. Use tools such as "qualaroo" to survey your customer on the funnel, especially the visitors that shows an exit intent;
2. Run an usability testing trough usertesting or similar to understand their thought and feeling while surfing your website;
3. Configure a funnel in google analytics and check which step of the funnel are loosing the most customer, then run a survey on that page and run ab test accordingly to your findings.

A couple of advice for your website:
1. There's not a clear unique value proposition: why should I buy from you rather then the competition?
2. I can't see any reference to shipping cost and delivery estimates on the checkout, this is something your users want to now "upfront";
3. Add a guest checkout feature, forcing a sign-up might prevent your customers to buy (check on analytics as well).

Those ideas are the first one that came to my mind in 5 minutes ;)

Good luck!


Answered 7 years ago

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