Are you hiring "a creative firm" or are you hiring "the perfect creative firm" for you?

Take a few moments and think about what you are "imagining" as there is a world of a difference.

If you are imagining hiring "a creative firm" then there will be work involved to find the right one and your definition of the right one will develop as you move forwards. That is a lengthy process.

By far the most effective way is to imagine your experience of working with "the perfect creative firm for you". This creates an inner representation of what you are truly seeking and when you energize this with your thought you activate synchronicity and pull "the perfect firm to you" through a series of events we call daily life.

Correct use of your imagination will save you time and money and deliver enjoyable results.

If you would like help getting clear and learning to use your imagination effectively please consider a call.


- Carl

Answered 6 years ago

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