What is the best way to monetize a strategic planning methodology?

Is it best to copyright and sell to companies to use as training, or offer it as a downloadable pdf to all.


The previous answers are really excellent.

Let me resume them quickly and add a fourth point which is critically important to help you putting all this together :

1 - keep in mind the psychological aspect to make sure you reach your goals : a book has a much lower value in people's mind than a training program, and for a pdf it's even worst - people are used to get pdf for free!

To break this psychological link (pdf = low cost = you will never make much money out of it), consider creating a multimedia training program including both videos and the pdfs.

Higher up in the 'value scale' is offering group coaching, and even better one-on-one consulting.

2- Be aware that the key thing your customers will be looking for is PROOFS. With so much hype all around, this is THE thing that will "make or brake" your goal achievement.

So if you already implemented this strategic planning methodology yourself with great success, that's enough proof to get started.
Otherwise, consider offering your methodology for free to a customer in exchange for a testimonial (proof).

3- Either way you go with this, offering part of your methodology for free is an excellent proof element and should be used as part of your marketing to generate leads.
You can do that by sharing a pdf (or by doing a webinar).

4- Note that the real question here is : what business do you want to create for yourself?

If you create your own digital product (pdf or others) and service line, you will have to manage the web 'infrastructure' and marketing but you will then have direct access to the customers (which is the real asset in your business, NOT your product).

If you create partnerships for others to sell your product, you may make some money, but you will never be in contact with the end customer - hence you won't have any real asset to grow a potential business on.

Answered 10 years ago

All major platforms and standards are built upon convincing the world that you have the best controls for what ever it is that is being covered.

Before worrying whether it should be in PDF or how to sell it, you should worry about "selling" it. First, of course copyright all your work.

Now you need to get at least a few major companies to buy in on it so that you can then push it as the standard setter and license the platform's use. My suggestion is to give it away for free for a couple key customers in exchange for using them as testimonials. You can then leverage them to your best advantage in future marketing.

Depending on where you are trying to move this and what it is exactly, I may be able to assist you, especially in the Russian market.

Answered 10 years ago

Ask people for 2x as much money as you think you want. Make sure the content is 5x as valuable as people expect it to be.

"How" you deliver the content isn't all the important. Obviously, a PDF is much, much less valuable than training. Online training is less expensive than hands-on, in-person training.

Focus on being valuable -- really valuable. The rest will take care of itself.

Answered 10 years ago

I would give away the written document.

Generally the idea behind this type of strategy is that you want them to call you and have them help you to implement or design a specific plan.

In my business (which is also i consulting model), i take the approach that i will tell any clients or potential clients exactly what i plan to do, ie there is no "Secret Sauce".

The reality is that they either don't have the skill set or time required to perform the required tasks and will therefore retain my services to perform the work. This may not always turn into dollars but i think it usually does.

This transparency also builds trust with potential clients and lets them know that you are there to truly help them (and get paid), but not just looking for a quick one time "buck".

Answered 10 years ago

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