This is the business: It is an international investment company which sells investments such as bonds and direct investment in various projects like social housing, alternative energy such as solar, even oil. Then there is real estate, by real estate I don't mean a house for you and your family to live in, I mean a property that you buy for $60k-$1m to earn you 5-15% returns a year. Or else a plot of land for $10-200k that you sit on for a few years and double your money. The market: The market is worldwide as people are always interested in investing internationally. Customers come from US, UK, EU, Brazil, Argentina, Middle East and SE Asia.


I would say use the power of Content Marketing and Email communication. It's cheap and it reaches people you want to target. This is an ongoing process though and it takes some time. So depending on the urgency I would try to go for this.

However, be sure to have a clear strategy and plan before you start communicating, e.g. Buying Personas, Content, Funnel offers...

Answered 6 years ago

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